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“We liked that it was interactive and our reps got the opportunity to get to know applicants outside of the office setting. The main benefit was that we got to see how students interact with each other in a team environment which is very reflective of the work we do.


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Fun Office Activities


Has your boss asked you to come up with a fun office activity for your co-workers?  Are your co-workers tired of the same boring office activities again and again?  Are you stressed out over figuring out what office activity to do?  And after spending time searching for ideas, every time you find something that looks great, is it way over your budget?

Discover the secret many people just like you have found to put an end to boring office activities.  We provide groups with innovative and fun office activities at a price point every company can afford.  Our office activities are based on our “best of the best“ and most popular full-service team building activities we’ve been running for thousands of companies all over the world for 3 decades.  Now we’ve recreated them so you can easily run them yourself for your own group.  You’ll look like a hero and your group will have a great time together.

The best part? These team building events are incredibly easy for you to run. No specialized training is required! Pick one to do now, then enjoy another the next time you’re looking for another fun team builder …


Below are the three easy to run, interactive and extremely fun office activities for your next meeting, conference or event.

Wild Goose Chase - A digital scavenger hunt with a twist! Using smartphones, teams pick challenges and take photos worth different points, using an application that documents their progress and pushes them up and down the live leader board.  Photos can be judged in real-time by other players and the organizers.

Great Camera Caper - A great way to get out, see the city, and have fun! Teams work against each other to complete missions that are awarded points along a designated course. Their progress is documented along the way using digital cameras and the winning team with the most points is awarded first prize.

Why Choose Office Activities?

  • Relax knowing everything you need will be delivered right to your door (including free shipping!)
  • Use our easy to follow guide to running your office activity, including exactly what to say during the all-important activity introduction to participants
  • Scoring key for scorekeepers to determine who wins
  • Toll-Free phone and email support in case you have questions

These office activities are incredibly easy for you to run. No specialized training is required! We’ll ship you all the supplies you need along with facilitation guidelines that outline step by step how to have a successful office activity. All you need to do is split the group into teams, read the facilitation guidelines, and begin your fun team building event. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at the customer testimonials on the left, or click here for many more just like them.